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Website development

We offer different type of websites for any business. From Landing Page till Corporate Website. Public person, small company or big corporation can find optimal solution with AlexRedSea Design.
We never use conveyor solutions, every our project is a unique. Our specialists improve their skills all the time, so we go with the times.

We will make nice design for website, quality programming and testing. Also we offer additional modules, as: different kind of photo galleries, sliders (slide show), forms, guest book, online consult, catalogs, links to social networks, and copy protection.

Every project has own manager, that coordinates the all process. Manager will answer all questions and solve all problems. You never need to search who can solve your question, your personal manager will do it.

We never give a promise that website will be ready after two days, we will give you a true time, when work can be finished.


Domain names and hosting

Online success starts with a right and memorable domain. If you need a website for your business, a hobby or writing a blog, domain names help people to find you on the web by easy and quick way. We can help to create and register domain from classic domain names like .com and .org to new domain names like .vacations, .solutions, .restaurant and a much more.

Whether you have a website or want to create one, you’ll need to find the perfect home for all your hard work. You’ll be looking for guaranteed uptime, lots of great features and exceptional people. We have separate offers for all kind of websites. Try our web hosting and see the difference. Also, we have customer support, that work 24 hours/7 days per week.


Logo and corporate identity development

Corporate identity is a one from the more important thing to make your business recognizable and strong. Clients make a direct connection between the quality of your product and the quality of your promotional materials. All elements of corporate identity should be in a harmony with each other.

Logo can make your company recognizable or like a million other. It's mark, that help clients in remembering your business, and products, and services. Usual logo consists of the basic elements, such as company name, color, typeface and graphic elements.

Color palette should be choose attentively, that get attention of potential clients and bring for them right feelings and emotions.

Typeface is so important for corporate identity. Corporate font should be bright and interesting in sketching. Font should be readable.


Photography and video shooting

Amazing website can't be without quality pictures. It's not just a graphic, but also a photography and video.

Unique photo shooting and professional edit will make your website special and memorable. For clients is important every detail, including visual part. So, need to be thoughtful about high quality photos for your website. Our specialists can make professional photo shooting for people, places, events, products, etc. After edit these photos can be used for website and advertising.

Also video is important for a lot of websites. And our specialists can make professional video shooting and edit movie, that it can be used for website and different kind of advertising.


Copywriting, rewriting and translating

Make people interested in your website can bright and unusual design, clients would like to explore it. Interesting and unique content can keep people for a long time to your website and increase your sales and profits.

Much better to have thematic articles, that can answer to a lot of client's question. It will help you work less, and people will stay a longer time to your website. All articles should be interesting, understandable, unique, grammatically correct, well written, and use of key words and phrases. As the result, you get new customers, and keep in touch with the old ones. Our specialists can write professional texts for any type of website.

Translating to different languages will help to expand your range of customers. We work with professional translators, they work with a lot of different languages.


Customer support

During the development and operation of the web site can be various questions. We have round-the-clock customer support, that solve your problems effective and fast. You can contact us by phone or email, and quickly get qualified and professional assistance.

At the time of development of web site, all questions you solve your personal manager of project. But after you get your ready web site and it lay out to web host, can be some questions or needs to make adjustments to the information available on the website. In this case, you can contact the round-the-clock customer support.

AlexRedSea Design also offers monthly support web site (edit information, posting news, etc.) on acceptable terms.